About Us

Fresh, flavoursome and natural ingredients at the heart of everything

We’re all about fresh, flavoursome, authentic food. All our fish and fresh produce are bought and delivered to our outlets daily. Our sushi and other menu items are prepared by order in order to give our customers the freshest product. Sushi is what we’re known for, but a variety of other menu items can be found on our menu, such as sushi wraps and salad. Our menu items are all packed with rich, aromatic flavours and all-natural ingredients.


Japanese at the core

We have a great admiration and respect for the sushi masters who have done it for thousands of years before us. We’re inspired by their quest for perfection and we work hard to mirror their commitment to precision and taste, grain by grain, every product, every day. But we also love to innovate, to do new things, in new ways. Whatever approach we take we always think customer first, and we use the finest ingredients from specialist and artisan suppliers.


We believe in the art of sushi

We owe our success to our sushi artisans who expertly handcraft our fresh products in store
daily, using only the best quality ingredients. We merge traditional and contemporary
flavours to create a unique menu with all your favourites alongside exciting new products
that you won’t find anywhere else.

We take the Japanese classics and reimagine them into contemporary favourites. Our fresh
products are lovingly handmade by our sushi artisans in store every single day.

Feeling hungry yet?

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